I am currently living in a new country and that means adjusting to the behavior pattern here is inevitable. I am a kind person or I'll like to believe so, however the consequence for this in a cruel world, is that you are taken advantage of or not taken seriously.

There are times I get frustrated about this and really just want to become cruel and not care, but I still find myself loving, caring, looking out for people and making others smile. I was thinking about this recently and I decided to pen down something to people who are like me. Your kindness isn't going unnoticed and if you're a christian you will understand that this is a fruit of the spirit and something rare to find.

If it gives you hope just know your smile, your giving and caring makes people feel a lot better and reduces their burden, so don't stop being you.
shot myself

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  1. You shot this yourself? Amazing! Keep being kind and caring those are the people that go far in life.

  2. Love this blog, keep posting, God bless you❤️❤️

  3. Looking good girl...and keep that kind heart of yours!

  4. I honestly feel the same way and I’m so glad you’ve talked about this. Really wishing you all the best in the new environment all prayers and love with you xx


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