30 December 2017


For those of you who may not know, my blog isn't about tips (although I share them) it isn't about lifestyle (I share some here too), my blog is an open diary, through which, I document my high, low and slow moments here, with clothes.

Now that I've clarified that I do hope y'all are lenient with what you should expect when you read my blog.

I want to honestly find out if commenting on my page is a hassle and if y'all have recommendations as to how it should be done. The aim of having my open diary is to connect, with people who I barely know through their comments and that doesn't happen which is kinda sad.

This year, I had my wins, and a lot of losses. I am about to close down my blog, but then again I created it for myself and if I do close it down, I'll get worse with dealing with my feelings. This year wasn't so great in terms of creativity and creating content and although I pushed myself, it only got worse because I felt it wasn't appreciated enough as when I didn't put in effort.

It's the end of the year and somehow I feel the devil has me where he wants me. Down trodden, less excited about life, not doing my devotionals, not reading a book, just sleeping and waking up and barely eating. I don't document my life experiences for pity, I do because that's the only way I get to let my screaming thoughts out without interjections.

Hopefully, next year (2018) will be kind to me and I get out of this sunken place. I hope I find goodness in its days that are numbered and find happiness in things that I know would still pass away.


  1. Happy New year Grace. I actually read this post in 2017 but laziness didn't allow me to comment. You're doing amazing Grace and for commenting it's no hassle at all actually. These days though I'm enjoying being a silent blog reader. I would be bummed if you quit girl. You're doing amazing and till this Day you're one of few bloggers that inspire me to do better and think outside of the box. I don't know you personally but 2017 had its up for you. What with your masters and your Gafa Sandals which is still making waves. Also never forget you have awesome supporters too. I often use your story to of pushing a brand through a personal blog to tell others who don't believe in blogging. Keep going girl the best is always yet to come. I'm praying for you.

    Princess Audu

    1. You're the best Sarah and everyone needs a friend like you in their lives... Love you boo and also thanks for making me understand consistency is key.

  2. Wow... I feel so bad. I didn't know honestly you feel this way. I started reading your blog in 2015 and I went through all your most recent to your first post... I'm pretty sure I have a screenshot on outfit for all the posts you've written, everybody in my house knows about Grace Alex my favourite blogger. My new room mates started visiting because I'm too in love with this Grace Alex but I wonder why I never commented till the post on extroverts story.
    Maybe of the wrong perception I've had that big bloggers don't really read or reply comments
    Or maybe because I saw that people hardly left comments and so I decided to follow suit. I've been a blog whore since the better part of 2015 so I understand absolutely why comments are more valued than likes.
    Maybe I felt I was becoming too crazy about this girl that is so full of life or maybe because I don't want to be seen as the stalker I already am.
    I'm very unhappy you feel this way, I know at one time or the other we feel downcast, we wonder if all the struggles is worth it, if really we are going to make it but you are cos Grace Alex is a hell of a strong woman and more than 25k people following her appreciate that fact. You are loved, a lot...sometimes it OK to doubt it but you have the most supportive group Of people in your life, never doubt that! I love Grace Alex and I'll be ready to read about what's going on in her mind. Like I said the last time, no one is in your mind, no one would understand what really you're going through or else you let them know so its very OK to rant, you started this blog to do so, so don't feel bad about it, if you feel down, you are free to let us know about it, this is your safe haven... You should secure it as much as possible. You are one of my biggest inspiration for starting a blog on fashion and a plain girl's rambling cos I decided my blog would be my safe haven. Let me also remind you that your enthusiasm to blogging birthed so many blooming blogs today. Sometimes me too don't believe these stories on being the best and all that because I tend to get depressed a lot but then I revisit all the things I wrote to myself on a good day and I feel alot better. Please remember that focusing on things that arent going right leads to more depression or a negative mindset. Thank God for the things that are going well and keep working hard and giving it your all. Remind yourself all those beautiful things God has helped you achieve when the devil is trying to steal your joy, repeat it to yourself until you start to believe it, it doesn't matter if it's days or weeks.

    So girl whatever you feel at this moment, just take a cold drink, listen to more music and write. I'll always be ready to read and I'll comment as much as I can. I hope you feel better soon, love. 2018 would be a better year for us!! Hugs

    P.S: Thousands of people(hyperbolically) that have known T2pitchy through me comment on the fact we look alike and I'm very proud, I just tell them... "Thanks dear, I know I've heard it a lot" (with my best rbf)๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. Come what is your handle I need to find you and love on you some more. Thank you thank you thank you. You made my day with this comment and I've read it more than four times, thank you for loving me for a long time... Kisses

  3. Awwwwww! Grace I wish I could hug you right now. Tbh don't beat yourself up over your emotions. You have an amazing amount of people who look up to you, I can't explain the comment issue but I do know you have fans. It's really not about the numbers and accolades anyway. I pray you find the inner peace through God and it's okay to feel lethargic sometimes. Trust me I've been there,
    I also hope you have someone you trust that you share your thoughts with. When I get depressed, I find solace in talking to one particular friend. I even record our phone conversations so that I can always listen to them when he's unavailable.

    I hope you feel better.

    Sending you that Virtual Hug anyway :D

    1. Aww virtual hugs love, thank you for that. I have my blog to pen down my emotions and it makes me feel good. Thank you

  4. hi grace, you're loved and I want you to know that๐Ÿ’•. You're a strong woman and have motivated me in many ways.

  5. Hi Grace, just reading this now and I must say I felt the same way towards the end of last year, some serious blockage and stagnancy but I pushed myself out of it and refused to dwell on my lows. I must tell you to please never stop sharing and being this beautiful Human that has inspired a lot of girls out here that dreams come true. You are a beautiful Human and loved๐Ÿ–ค

  6. Hi Grace,
    Abeg don't shutdown your blog. Honestly, commenting isn't a hassle. I think this is one of the biggest problems bloggers face. I thought I was the only one that had that issue.

    For me, I get your blogposts delivered to my email and because I spent most of last year procrastinating, i'd propably read them weeks after and feel like it's too late to comment but I couldn't do that for this.

    I really appreciate your honesty on your blog. I wish I had the confidence to share freely like you do, it's really encouraging. I can pretty much relate with this blog post because that's how I felt most of last year. Infact, these days I can't go past three spoons of rice, my appetite is terrible.
    i drowned after my first year of blogging, because i started trying to be like others, trying to fit into a box, worrying about views and comments (which is important but not the main reason why)
    I feel like you've done well in regards to content and creativity. People like me disappeared from the blogging scene for a few months because I was battling with a few depressing thoughts and I concluded that I needed to delete my blog but at everytime I had that thought there was always that one person that would send me a message to ask why I haven't posted anything new. How they look forward to posts and feel encouraged.

    Honestly, I admire you from a distance. One time I wanted to contact you and do an interview on you but I was too scared because I believed "big time bloggers are snubs" believe me, a couple are. or even ask you about how you've managed to keep GAFA Sandals in our hearts despite being abroad, some of us are still procrastinating on that business idea.
    You inspire me despite everything going on in your life, you still find a way to get things going. One of my goals this year is to be as consistent as Grace Alex because you don't run away from life like I do.
    One valuable thing you have taught me with your blog in 2017 is to stay consistent and true to myself.
    I hope this makes you smile.Keep inspiring us to be better bloggers and sharing the truth

    1. Tears, how do y'all come up with things like this. Thank you really

  7. Hi Grace, I hope that you feel better this year. You and Cassie are two bloggers I looked up to way before I started my blog. Till now, I'm constantly inspired by your blog, your Gafa outfit and your IG feed. I know I do not only speak for myself when I say that it'd be sad if you stopped blogging.

    Feel better Grace! We do love you!

    1. Hey love,

      Thank you so much, I visit your blog too, thank you for sticking


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