8 December 2017


Hello loves today we have our first guest post, from a reader. It's a feature i've always wanted to add to the blog because I feel y'all have something unique and what better way to do that than provide my platform. Tracy is a writer and blogger Here

I'll reach out every once in a while to those who comment on this blog to feature their thoughts, feelings and other forms of expression they think are relevant to help us enjoy this life of sin... Enjoy

by Tracy Nwokoma

she has returned to the city where
she first set eyes to daylight:

that cold Monday night
when the doctors unraveled her curled
frame from the insides of her mother
and let her slither onto the sheets
like a serpent,
the very city in which
she let out her first voice of reason-
a glass-shattering scream that shook
the very frame of her tiny being,
and confirmed her arrival to humankind.

she has returned to the city
where she first learned how to burn:

that monday night when
the heated extract of dehydrated peanuts
sprang from the belly of a pitch black pan,
and coarsely kissed the tender skin on her wrist,
gripping her flesh with the strength of
its greasy talons, and feeding her with pain
until her lips hung wide open,
and her birth-wail returned in all
it’s glory.

she has returned to the city where
she learned to survive:

that Monday night when she spread
the yellow butter over her bread,
hiding oceans behind the rim of her eyes,
remembering with each stroke of the knife
how the insides of her thighs hurt
from rendering servitude to loins of another.

she has returned in the city
where she learned how to heal:

that Sunday morning when she
rid her scalp of every strand of hair it held,
as the blood trickled slowly from the sides
of her mouth;
a failed self-sacrifice to
her altar of pain:
a cleansing from the fear of self.

now she comes just as a tourist,
shopping for memories
and collecting artifacts of her past
and turning them into tiny
baskets of love and wisdom.

i hear she plans to leave tomorrow,
and i hope she takes the sunlight with her,
the other side of her internal universe
that has been untouched by this city,
no, nor should ever be touched by it.


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