Hello loves, I'm done with finals and that means I have time to do activities that aren't really academic. However, this doesn't mean I'm totally really free, I have a few academic engagements over the next few weeks.
I wanted to share a look book, so I apologize in advance for the pictures that y'all need to go through. Have you ever thought of simple ways to wear the leopard print pattern, without necessarily looking like a child, well these outfits will give you a clue. 
Having to choose a favorite from these three is almost impossible, actually it is but the second look with the green gown is my favorite. After this shoot, I found out it had a pocket attached, so imagine my happiness. Which is your favorite among the three? 



This year, I am really sad I didn't do an official Christmas giveaway on my page like I did HERE and HERE but if you follow my brand on IG  I had hosted giveaways. So I'll tip you guys on an opportunity to win a voucher to shop, which will be announced on Christmas day. A favorite blogger of mine  Princess Audu is hosting a giveaway, go to her blog and IG page and follow rules for a chance to win.

Outfit details || Thrift 
                                                         Black pants || MottandBow