Living alone has its perks and then one day it hits you when you are having breakfast that you're single and probably will end your days with a cat. Viewing waterfalls from that expensive house in the tropics of some Savannah (did I just paint your dream holiday?).
Still, self-discipline is a gem. One has to get his/herself to the point where being alone or single is something you joke and rant about all day and all night but in your heart you know you're not ready for that full responsibility that comes with relationship.
Trust me it is ok to want to be loved, even the bible agrees with me on this.

Ecc 4: 10b
But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!

Anyways Valentine is roughly three weeks away and it will be my first time experiencing this love season in another land. However, it will be my third sharing how to spend your valentines single See here
how are you spending yours?


  1. Not sure how I'll be spending mine oh, never celebrated with a bae sef but we'll see. And no worries, everything in God's time. Just get yourself ready for your future boo.

    Princess Audu

  2. Hi. just randomly discovered your blog. and i'm loving it already. also. spending val's day alone is like my forté. haha #nobigdeal


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