Y'all know since I moved to the US I'm all about documenting my experiences from school to food and brands. Something amazing happened over the holiday period when I collaborated with a candle brand called Homesick.

A candle brand located in the United states making homemade candles that carry a fragrance of your favorite memories, cities, countries, towns and holiday moments. I chose two towns that I was familiar with Wisconsin and Virginia and the scent was beautiful and actually reminded me of those towns.

This custom scented candles make a very meaningful gift and bring back all those nostalgic memories from your favorite locations or experiences. Positioned as THE candle to buy, and it is gift-able for almost anyone, for any occasion and any identity. HomeSick candles is meticulously crafted scents for all Fifty States, a handful of iconic cities, life events, countries and now they have a holiday collection! fill your house with home.