My initial intention was to do a mild picture post showing my gratitude for the love shown on my birthday or do some kind of reflection like I did here . However, I came across a post here and decided to be more forthcoming and open up about my expectations around turning 24.

I just turned 24 and I look forward to what this new year would bring, considering I'm weaning off teenage years, semi-independent adulthood and transitioning into womanhood. 23 was interesting but was the most challenging, my insecurities tripled and so did my need to grow up and fit in my boots.

Now I look at another 365 days minus 1 countdown to 25 and I can only be hopeful. I'm hoping to fit pieces of myself that has been broken for so long and hope that when its 364 plus 1 to 25 I can look back and smile and realize it was worth it. 

Cheers to a year of exploring my individuality and knowing I indeed am enough and feeling less invisible to myself ...