Hello fam, welcome to another segment of bloggers on your radar. When I started the journey of having this segment see HERE, I really thought it will be easy to get creatives who blog to pitch in their thoughts however, that has not been the case. I am grateful for all the creatives who have contributed to this, I appreciate if you left your comments below, I'm learning a lot from these episodes and I hope you are too.

On today's segment we have our favorite blogger, bridging communications between influencers and brand owners in Nigeria to seeing both parties benefit from their mutual collaboration. Maryam Salam is a modest fashion blogger, and currently in United Kingdom pursuing a graduate studies in Entrepreneurship and International business. Today she shares some tips on collaboration.


Collaboration for me is always a great idea every-day. However, I am very picky about who I collaborate with. This isn't a matter of being proud or feeling superior but it is about knowing who fit my personal brand and mutual benefits. When I started blogging, I used to collaborate a lot with other bloggers which some did help me grow and some didn't but I learned so much from it. I would advise everyone growing [I am still growing too] to embrace collaboration only if they genuinely care about the growth of the other blogger.

Personally, I have noticed a blur between collaborating genuinely and greediness lately. Some people just want to collaborate based on numbers or influence and for their own personal growth which is totally wrong. First of all, you need to build a relationship with the person you wish to collaborate with before even discussing it. That for me is very important. Randomly DM'ing or emailing someone you've never commented on their picture, liked or messaged them privately for a collaboration looks dodgy and can send the wrong message to the other person.

 Personally, I have noticed a blur between collaborating genuinely and greediness lately.

My work ethic is based on building a long-term relationship rather than a one-off collaboration. Once you have a good relationship with other bloggers proposing a collaboration will come naturally rather than calculated. Every industry and sector has its pros and cons reason why relationship and mutual respect is important. Regardless of your numbers of followers or like, if you genuinely engage with someone and not being fake, working together would be celebrated and embraced without any mixed feelings.
 Once you have a good relationship with other bloggers proposing a collaboration will come naturally rather than calculated.

Also, one last thing. If you are planning to approach anyone for a collaboration. It is very important to have a basic plan to start with. Many bloggers make the mistake of proposing a collaboration without any plan and expect the other blogger to generate ideas forgetting this blogger wasn't thinking about it beforehand. We bloggers need to be considerate. If you approach anyone with a proposal plan, mention the theme, what exactly you think the collaboration should focus on, how you can deliver the message/story of the collaboration etc...Trust me, you will get positive responses. That shows the other blogger you've done your homework and you mean business. Telling them you want to collaborate with them isn't enough these days, we need to do better because we can actually do better.


  1. Incredibly helpful tips. Love the emphasis on building long-term relationships rather than jumping in to things and gobbling up/pushing opportunities without a lot of thought or backing.

    On top of that--Maryam's style is amazing! The last outfit gives me life. Gorgeous <3

    Love! So stylin'

    - Grace // The Keen Kind

    1. Hello Grace,

      I am glad you found some tips useful

  2. Relationships, relationships, relationships. I wouldn't have put it any better. ��

    I always say, I want a marriage not a one-night stand. Long-term friendships

  3. This post is such a need. Relationships are so much better in the long run. I totally love Maryam, she's such an amazing blogger.
    Nice post Grace......xxxx

  4. Grace please keep this episodes coming. Relationships, genuine relationships are so important.


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