Welcome to another new blog post, and this time, there will be a more consistent flow to my post on the blog. This is because spring is almost here and that is the time I feel really in my element to create and live. 
I do understand now, that although I do not follow trends verbatim, I make exceptions once in a while when trends tend to suit my style, see here for the one time I did the fishnet trend. Recently, oversized jackets mostly plaid, has been paired with turtle neck and denim to create a very vintage look and I am so here for it. Often times we find the jacket belted to give it this perfect finishing, follow my pins on Pinterest see here

Tartan or plaid isn't a new type of print on this blog, actually I tend to lean more towards plaid outfit see here and here. I loved the combination of this look and did two takes on it, which I will be posting in upcoming weeks as a continuation of my series. The series of doing a double take on my wardrobe outfits. 

As we gradually transition to spring, the weather isn't totally warm and this is a very good way to style and keep yourself warm.

 On another note someone kind took these pictures and I will talk about the importance of friendship in my next breakfast thoughts segment so stay tuned.

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