Spring is here!
I know a number of people who get depressed in seasons and I am one them. I alway look forward to Spring or in Nigeria rainy season. This is one season where my creativity is at its peak and I am in the best of moods.
Back to today's post, I have actively looked for a white gown with bohemian leanings for the past two or three years and to no avail so you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this Mossimo gown that gave me the same feeling as the fringe gown in this post see here
Styling white gowns can be very monotonous but it doesn't have to be from the style of our hair to the color of our shoe and then layering, we can definitely change how our white gown is perceived. This looks can be interpreted from a casual picnic look, to a street style fashion look or a time out with friends. I believe I noted in my last blog post see here that I would be repeating some of my clothing over the course of this month. Tiffany haddish, sort of inspired this by repeating an expensive piece of clothing in her wardrobe about four times...  

I believe people should be allowed to creatively wear their clothes repetitively, despite the society handing us its preference when it comes to social expectations on what outfits to wear. Please leave your comments below and don't forget to subscribe to the blog to receive updates. 

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