I feel like it's been forever since I did an outfit post see here
 How many of you like me feel clothes are therapeutic and although we make plans every month to save and spare cash for other fruitful endeavors we cannot help but buy, a pair of shoe, cloth etc. This used to be me, times have changed (other responsibilities) but I'm lucky enough to get brands gift me accessories, cloth items and shoes. Other than that I am a thrift queen and love the challenge of finding gems through stack up piles of recycled dresses, e.g the one from today's post. 

 High end low gowns have been a thing for the past three years and have found ways of remaining relevant in the fashion world see here. Last year I found this amazing earth tone one strap gown while thrifting and also this Steve Madden wedge heels which I consider a huge deal. I decided to give this look a vintage finish with a scarf that had a similar color as my dress.

 I shot this photo myself with my tripod, remember this post here 
on how to take photos of yourself?
let me know what you think of this outfit and pairing and what other
ways you think this can be worn? I have a few other ideas as to how.

Shoe: Steve Madden
Bag: Jumia
Gown: Thrift


  1. Clothes are definitely therapeutic for me. I love the fluidity of the dress. The colour is quite vibrant on you and the pictures look great.
    Princess Audu

  2. I absolutely love this look Grace! Always bringing us the best


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