Hello loves, before I go into what I intend to say today, I will like to mention that this month is mental health awareness month. If you follow my page you will realize that this issue is dear to me, because I too, struggle with life balance and sometimes find myself on the edge of hurting myself. So this month make a conscious effort to be there and support people who look like the need help and those who don't.

Back to today's post, finding your style can be a tricky thing especially when it does not conform to norms that are established. I am one for vintage and unique pieces that suit my mood, however there are a few times, I adjust and mix up my style to suit trends and when I do, I try to embody it. 
This capri pants by Van Heusen see Here was an absolute favorite for the month of April, and I am sure y'all will agree with me.

How can you translate a modern trend to fit your style?