It was Kanye West who had the right words to put my thoughts on how I feel about emojis. He did so on twitter and I quote "you can say anything as long as you put the right emoji next to it." I have always thought about what our daily conversations will be without emojis, they allow you express the right emotion without you giving out detailed information.

The world has really changed but this is not the first time symbols are used to communicate, its also important to know that most recent ideas for communicating and technology are not entirely new. These technologies have only been re-purposed, combined and transmitted through a medium, which also isn't an entirely new idea. Egypt to my own knowledge prior to civilization had what we call symbols, which were not written words but images in human or animal form that communicated a message. However, new improvements have brought more inclusiveness of our daily lives to emojis making them a more functional and easy to relate to.

Have you ever thought of what life would be like without emoji's? leave your comments below
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I decided to pair my army green denim jacket also known as army jacket, with a vintage pair of shorts and afro kinky hair.