14 May 2018


One of the biggest testimonies of myself, is me gradually learning to be content about what goes on in my life (maybe not in love).  I realized that my 20's are my selfish years, a time to know about me, fall in love and out of love, go to school and learn more about life, making an impact, pick a skill and enjoy it but always to let myself know when I've done enough and take a break. It also means looking at things I can change and changing them at a pace that is healthy, loving a vocation and taking a break on it when need be (like my blog) and just enjoying moments time and place. 

All these one can only achieve when we realize the need to be content and that we are where we need to be especially if we are putting in the same amount of work that should produce a different result. That space is where God prunes us, humbles us and allow us see how privileged we are when we rise above that place of need. So today appreciate where you are and ask what lessons, you are being forced to learn in your current space.

Wearing a Jessica Simpson shoes see here
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