Hello Loves, welcome back to my blog. The sun is out thankfully, after a really long winter season. One of the joys of spring is having to wear bold colors, less clad clothing and just being you. I decided to style a  Le'Chateu gown that was really fitted and brought out my body figure.  
I got a lot of pretty comments about this dress which brings me to the thought of how I barely wear fitted clothes because I feel like I am being looked at in a more sexual way. Hence, my reason of having most of my outfits oversized.

Anyways, I really loved the feel of the material used, knitted outfits always win. So this is me asking, how bold are you wearing a fitted dress out? are you self conscious about it? leave your comments below.


  1. I feel ya on this that's why for me the baggier the better. I hate those looks from men ugh gives me the creeps and makes me uncomfortable.
    Princess Audu


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