During interviews and on few occasions, I get asked where I get my style inspiration from and most times my answers, are vague. Recently, however, I have a better answer to this question with the realisation that my style and music have a correlation.

      Musician Stevie Wonder once posited that "music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand." According to an online site named music psychology, Music is a language, with or without words, which serves as a medium for people from all walks of life. It helps to express the deepest thoughts and emotions within us. More on this link

    My clothing mood is heavily influenced by any music choice I decide to vibe to at any phase in my life. Hence my style choices that border around retro, vintage and chic. However, I won't say the weather or books I read or movies I watch don't play a role in my style, but because music is almost a daily affair we cannot dodge from, it influences my style more.
Does music influence your style?

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