Starting over in a new land can be burdensome, most notably when you have made comfortable progress prior to moving.
    When I finished the second semester of my first year at graduate school in May, I had so much optimism for the holiday that was approaching. Part of my excitement was getting a job that I would love working at, get a creative job for a PR or fashion company, work so well for my footwear line, and that i'd have finally figured my way around why my Instagram has gone to shits. Excited in the second week about the numerous interviews I had attended, I tweeted that I had gotten an internship position (I still do not regret it). A poor choice maybe, as two months down the line I am typing this blog post after a very long sleepless night, my Instagram still sucks, I haven't had any PR engagement, and my footwear line is not giving me much joy.

    After evaluating my progress by mid-June, I was already exhausted and gave up on practically everything. Although my trip to Miami might be Gods way of showing he still cares, I have a lot of things undone and bills piled. However, not attending to my situation does not make it change and I'm learning the world does not acknowledge you for your sufferings. Today I am gradually allowing myself to believe and dream big again.
        Before leaving for the states, I had so many high hopes that anything was possible, that zeal has long gone. The many failures I've had to experience the past 11 months have left their mark. However, failure happens to everyday people like me and what I make out of it, is my choice.

Bible Quote: Isaiah 40: 31a
But those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength.

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I tend to be wearing a lot of monochrome green lately, pairing most of my outfits with this thick suede green shirt. See similar pairing Here

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