18 July 2018


Bisou Bisou Polyester top
I realised that since my joblessness extended over the period at which I anticipated it to this holiday, I'm spending my last pennies at thrift stores.
Thrift items might be the only way I let out frustration and carry out my shopping therapy. I am learning, however, to purchase items bearing labels that my small savings cannot afford on a good day.
    New In, is part of the sections of my blog that I have left to grow webs to which I am considering resurrecting. Today I decided to highlight a few pieces that made it back home with me, from my Goodwill thrift shopping.

Jcrew Wool Pants
 Goodwill is a donation thrift store for the military and so its not as cheap as items you get at a Church thrift. Shoes are almost a standard $7-9 dresses $4-$8 and the most affordable items you are most likely to get is their bags, which go as low as $2
Express Shiffon Ruffle top
Leslie Fay gown
Loft Polka dot Dress
Classique Half cover shoe
Nine West Black Heels
This looked like a Gucci shirt

This wooden bag spoke to me and I loved it.

H&M gown I got the for $8 as you can see the original price.

 Where are your favorite places to thrift shop?

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