Although I am not one to push for extreme fashion when it comes to my style, I also don't like conformity. Once in a while, people tend to question my penchant love for thrift stores, and my answer is the same;
1. I love to wear unique items,
2. I cannot afford my real style yet, as real vintage pieces are neck cutting with their prices.
3. Thrift stores allow me to create similar looks for a better bargain and sometimes you can stumble on these big brands on a thrift shelf.
    That said when I thrift, I also look for items from brands that everyday people can associate themselves with but that is not the case today. Today, I decided to revisit a conventional way we style our shorts by adding a little flare to it. I added an oversized chiffon shirt, a tennis cap and a wooden bag to give it a different look. What are your thoughts on this outfit?


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