"...Remember God loves you more than you love yourself".

I had recently joined a good friend of mine to visit the family of an old friend of hers. Ordinarily, I am one to stay at bay in a strangers house until I warm up and become an acquaintance but something about our welcome to this beautiful place of abode made me feel comfortable.
    After setting up my night space in this beautiful Atlanta home, I walk down to see my friend in a deep conversation (Let's call him Mr Smart). Mr Smart is narrating his experience with God and how easy it is for humans to put him in a box based on our own life experiences. 
     The past few days leading to us arriving at this beautiful mansion (I like to call it) was a blur. I was angry at God, and I had kept a communicable distance from Him. I joined them to sit on the soft brown sofa, of the living room, and my friend was curled up like a ball. I too was tired after eating a nice plate of Efo Riro with pounded yam (you know how expensive this gets in America) but for the expression on my friends face to Mr, Smarts conversation.
    I had joined them midway and the first statements that echoed (which I'll hear countless of times by midnight) was "Do Not Box God". See these words hit me because internally I've been battling tuition, housing, job, creative block and all, name it. Unlike Job, at that time my temperament for the devil's B.S was on a -10. 
    However, at that moment it felt like God was talking to me and my situation directly and reminded me of this passage. Romans 10:17 New King James Version (NKJV) "So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God".
     One year ago, see HERE I had willfully packed my luggage to the airport, with excitement and the blessings of my great family. To be blunt, I was moving on a reckless faith that was so strong, despite not having rent money, tuition money and a future that seemed bleak (no one could tell me nothing). I do know a lot of people thought my faith was unrealistic, I mean who goes to a school that totals over $60,000 a year without scholarship with Nigeria under recession  (my dad was no billionaire ). However, I knew my present circumstances didn't determine how big I wanted to dream and moving had been on my checklist since I was 15. 
    Move forward to the moment I'm listening to Mr Smart, and I do not have that same reckless faith that made me leave everything I knew and owned to move to a strange land. However, his words were an affirmation of God telling me he did it then and he is still in the business of doing good now.

Probably to be continued.

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