Prints and patterns are amazing, prints make plain colours look bold and make solemness feel at bay. It's been a while since I wore my polka dot in a fresh way, and decided to style a favorite polka dot top for those hunting, adorning minimal accessories and sandal heels, which to my amusement is back.
    On another note, we are nearing the end of summer and sunsets will go back to its normal schedule of 6:00 pm as against 9:00 pm and slowly our outfit lengths will begin to fall below the knee again, fewer butt cracks in public and people looking more British than the queen.
    School begins with unending anxiety, less friendly but more familiar faces. However, the happy hours and the genuine relationships that bloom is what we always look towards in anticipation.
What are your plans for fall and do you think we need to keep the sandal heel or make it stop