I've tossed pillows, rolled over my bed a couple of times with the aim to dodge this blog post. I guess that did not happen because channelling my thoughts to words is how I know to give meaning to happenings around me.
    People mention a lot about how lucky I am to move to the United States, an opportunity I pleaded for, for three years, for which I am grateful. See here, a part of me agrees with them, however, I had to trade a few things for the life I have come to embrace. Moving to America for me meant leaving a large part of my growth process, from family, work and business all of which spurred my creativity. I had resources in people and to a certain extent could get work accomplished and I think I took it for granted.
    Moving meant that I found ways to stay afloat and my creativity has suffered in the process, because of having limited hands to help me especially with my blog shoots, which makes me believe that I may be too hard on myself on this journey. I'm moving soon to a new apartment, and I hope I get inspired by my new space.

    Based on my feelings recently, I am learning that when people point us our privileges, it is not our place to refute them.  We need to look at the opportunities our positions have provided and be grateful. Also, happy new month. Summer is already done, and that means this year is done too, but God is never late on the plans he has towards you.


  1. You're doing just fine Grace! I am sure you will find your feet soon and also a new supportive community in the United States. Don't be too hard on yourself.

  2. We Got you Love. Keep your head up.


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