I still remember when our blog was the first place we posted content before it went to our Instagram page, now times have changed. This outfit got a warm reception on my IG page a few days back. It is beneficial, I do a full post on it and add some details.

    As some of you may know, (avid readers of my blog), I have been unemployed, for a while now, and that means I don't have enough funds to create a constant outfit post on the blog. I decided to put my swift thrift sense to use and had a budget of $20 to create this look. In other to buy other outfits too, I took some of my old wearable items to value village and got 30% off my order, isn't that smart?
    My sweater, skirt and bag cost me a total of $13 to include taxes. I will add links on this post to stores where similar fashion pieces, I am wearing in this post, can be purchased.

    Autumn comes along with its memories, but for fashion bloggers, this an opportunity to look our best and get the best picturesque images adding to our fashion files.
What are your thoughts on this outfit?


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