24 October 2018


One of the things that happen when you’re broke and you still need to create content for the blog is revisiting old pieces and making them appear new. There are a few wardrobe pieces that can help you transform your style:

A White Shirt: White shirts are a must and if you haven't realised it by now, our Asian folks, may have helped you too. Worn with jeans, linen or cotton, having a white shirt is important to complete a wardrobe puzzle. See Here

Plain Pants: I recommend that people make conscious decisions to add plain pants to their wardrobe, because when in doubt you can always throw on a plain matching shirt to go with it, or a print shirt to make your look pop. See Here

Silk Scarf: They are expensive when we look at their weight or sometimes the value they add to your wardrobe, but the silk scarf is a great way to transform your style. There are different ways to wear a silk scarf, for example, around your neck, holding a hair bun, an accessory for your bag and the list is endless. See Here

Go for colours:
I know the millennial age has made some of us mono thinkers, we follow trends like ditching colours and sticking to neutral tones. While ditching colours may not be a bad idea, people are now less inclined to add colours to their wardrobe which can make a difference. See Here

Choose Print: If you have followed my blog, I try to go for print see here and here. Print materials are an upgrade to your wardrobe and they, barely cost a fortune. See Here

What other ideas do you have for anyone looking to transform their style? 

The items worn in this look (like the shirt, sandal heels and pants) have been paired severally in different ways here and here. However, I’ve switched up my style by adding a cycle Nordstrom brown leather bag and silk scarf.

Outfit Details:

I had fun thrifting last month, and this leather Nordstrom brown bag and silk scarf were my favorite pieces. Please leave your comments below and I will be sure to respond to them.

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  1. Hello Grace..i want to ask you for a favour..i just an online business on ig and its thrift clothing.please can you kindly help me promote my business on your page,i beg you with the love of christ..i'd be grateful if you do so...Thanks and Gid bless you I

  2. I love your bag. I seriously need to get a white shirt and plain pants seeing how they can be styled in different ways. Thank you for these amazing tips.


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