Fall each year (in Nigeria or here in the US) is a grandeur season for me. I look forward to it because like leaves, I let old things die.

    In Nigeria, fall season comes with dry, and humid weather whereas in the US its dry but cold with brown leaves falling.

    My hair is a political tool for me, and I use it when due, example when I want to rebel, save money for school or start a new journey to self-discovery.

    However, Fall/ Autumn whichever you choose, becomes one of the challenging seasons for me. Mentally during Fall season, I get more mood swings, realise how lonely it can get, and my sensory organs get heightened by the change in weather.

So how does my hair colour play in all these? for me my hair choice is usually bold or unlikely and frees me to look at life differently and boldly. I would not be first person to rely on hair as an agency to give me a boost of self confidence, I found both articles Here and Here interesting.
  However, unlike both women I have not used my natural hair here, to pass a message, rather an artificial one, which is where my joy lies (what a paradox).

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