Happy New Year everyone 2019 feels like a breath of fresh air, I also did a Youtube Video here that Y'all can see, so please subscribe and leave your comments below. I told myself in 2019, there would be no New Years Resolution. However, I did write down a vision, so it becomes easy to reference God's faithfulness. Today's post is way out of the usual fashion blog post I write, but I needed to write on it. Part of it is to give honour to whom honour is due.

Goge Africa will be 20 years old this year, and I know most my readers are wondering who they are, see here ---->.

     Isaac and Nneka Moses have consistently showcased the Nigerian people and her culture (in great details), to a wide range of audience prior to the new media/ advanced digital age.   
    Growing up from a very humble background, my family could barely afford a television, and when my dad finally bought one (my second year into high school in 2004 ), a Sattelite dish was so out of the question. Meaning I was stuck with NTA, AIT and sometimes Channels television and my favourite thing to do was write down the most entertaining programs on these three channels and the time they ran, and that was how I found Goge Africa.
    Goge Africa was way ahead of its time, from the soundbites to the program ideas, the unknown regions within Nigeria they covered, and they did so with a lot of glee. I could not forget how sweet Nneka's voice was and how deep Issac voice ran and these two combinations made their show so entertaining and enlightening.
    Thinking of it now, in the age of social media, where exposure provides you with amazing opportunities and funding, Goge Africa did a very tough job in bringing our cultural experience to a relatable stance.
    To be honest,  I had long forgotten their program until a good friend of mine decided to play some tune from his Kalimba (a thumb piano), that all the memories from Goge Africa kept rushing back. I felt the need to blog on how important their show was to advancing Nigerians tourism, before the global social media wave.
A Kalimba

    Africa's tourism and indeed Nigeria's tourism has grown in recent years, an attribute to the growing face of global tourism at least "international tourist arrivals in Africa in the year 2017 was around 56 million people" (Vanguard, 2018).  According to an online Vanguard newspaper report in 2018 more tourist are expected to tour the globe" a projection of 1.4 billion arrivals in 2020, and 1.8 billion in 2030. in 2016 there were about  1.2 billion tourist arrivals in different destinations the world over
    As of the last statistics released in 2015, Nigeria had 1.5 million visitors annually ( I did not know this). All of these background information cited above is to provide a little insight to why Goge Africa deserves a chunk of the accolades to this growth.

           This blog post was not sponsored, I impressed with a great deal when I found their website was functional and that they've continued in the part of their calling. Talk about consistency!

       What was your favorite TV show growing up and how did that influence you? please leave your comments below, in 2019 I hope more people get to engage with my content online


  1. They have really been so committed to Goge Africa. The sound byte is still playing in my head and I learnt a lot watching.. Big ups to them!

    1. Better pikin, they set the pace and I am glad they've endured to this moment

  2. Wow, I've never heard about Goge Africa, but I'm really intrigued.

    *makes mental note to Google them*

    Happy New Year Grace!

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Happy New Year Berry, you need to oh! also, check out videos of their program on YouTube.

  3. Thanks Grace,your piece on us and Goge Africa is so cool and factual.we love what we do and we are breaking new frontiers projecting Africa's tourism,culture and heritage.your blog is is a fresh breath.Thanks for the encouragement


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