2 February 2019


I know this heading sounds like a quick click bait, but unfortunately, it is not. In 2019 I decided that my morning routines had to change to help boost my day and self-confidence. You may wonder how awful was my past experience, and what I was that warranted a change in attitude.
    For the past three to four years my routine was subtle. I barely had breakfast, read my bible, do a little workout, had a cup of water (if I reminded myself) and I drove off to work. None of what I explained, asides reading my bible was preparing me for a positive day.
    My journey to a positive day began from an inward yearning to grow and also observing the daily routines of (successful) people I admired. Below are the five habits, I have recently cultivated;

Devotionals: Reading your bible is not enough, get a plan or a guide that speaks to your situation or inspires you towards achieving a set goal. Having a bible plan leads you into Gods plan for your day, providing inspiration.

Breakfast: Always drink tea. I am a strong advocate for tea and not coffee because the later has substances that are unhealthy and addictive.

Podcast/ Ted Talks: Listening to a morning inspirational podcast or tedtalk improves your knowledge of the world and strengthens one's resolve to make a lasting impact on their generation.

Read Ten chapters to a book: This can be a very positive boost to your self-esteem and improve your writing skill. Also reading is refreshing, and you head out feeling educated.

Exercise: To be candid exercising is spiritual, and the way you feel afterwards is rewarding. You can watch online yoga tutorials, or normal exercise to help with instructions.


  1. Glad I swiped up, definitely trying this 🙏🏽

    1. Thank you love, for dropping a comment below. I will like to know how this helped you in a month or two.


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