7 February 2019


I turn 25 today, meaning I have survived the long battle of my teenage years to become my own woman. Recent life experiences have thought me never to underestimate how powerful an unbroken mind is.
    The mind or spirit is always the first soft target for the devil when he rears his ugly head, and by training myself to compartmentalize my feelings, I have better control over my emotions.
Although at 24 there were big dreams that never came to pass at 25 I am letting trivial things go and living my best life (yes I said it). I had a long clustered list, (last year when  I turned 24) of things I needed to achieve by 25 and none of them came through.
    Honestly, I was bothered, too much for my good. It seemed to me that I had let sadness and anger take the center stage of my life, and I wasn't bearing fruit.
    At 25 I have chosen to be UN-apologetically me, strive hard for me, and love me for me. My dad calls me his star and my mum calls me her queen, these two things are what I will continuously strive to be.

I am always down for two outfit switch, outfit details below.

Outfit Details
Shoe: Shoe Dazzle


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  1. Happy Belated Birthday. Things may not always work out as we hope for, but thank God for life and his GRACE (pun intended). Both dresses are really beautiful and I pray for a great year for you.

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