Every year I watch from the sidelines as big fashion houses set the trends with their spring/summer collections, and I note what patterns, colors, and designs I should aim to collect. However, this year has been the most pleasing, in churning out designs that are decent, unique and beautiful. 
    If anything people will be forced to cover up their bodies since trends dictate what we see people wear on a daily. Below are a few collections that stood out to me. Photos were not taken by me. 

I am happily delighted to present to you this collection, every piece looked refreshingly contemporary yet vintage. A lot of notes to be taken but the brand was spot on, from the headband, choice of accessory, pattern, and cut, it ticked all the right dots 

I've heard of Rochas Resort but never paid close attention to their designs. However, the current Spring/Summer collection for 2019 is definitely eye-catching. I love the tones, the model used for their campaigns, and the cut patterns for each well-sown outfit. 

  A unique touch to the tote bag 

The choice of secondary colors, bold shoe accessorizing, Fendi came back with a class act. I have never been a fan of the big brand, but this collection has me sold.

Which of the Collections is your favorite, also comment below what colors you think will trend in 2019.