15 March 2019


Welcome to the first day of weaning off winter feelings. Although, I dreaded winter my most pleasant testimony came with the said season, and I cannot be mad about that. I have also decided to have more blog post up going forward to rejuvenate my blog.
Today I want to talk about following fashion trends to suit personal gain. Recently, social media (Instagram) to be specific have been (a)washed with videos that are similar to lookbooks. These videos have instructional ways to dress for an event or different ways to repurpose a wardrobe piece. I am very wary of trends but having instructional fashion videos like the above mentioned as a trend is always a welcomed idea because of the choices presented to the viewer and fewer tendencies to spend your coin (exceptions exist).
With that noted, I followed the trend of the online fashion community, to re-style a famous skirt of mine in different ways here. I have worn this skirt a number of times see here and here. Also, we have fallen back behind by an hour according to the American clock system, and it is official, spring is here.

        To celebrate, I am styling my brown coat with a different outfit. I am excited about spring because I get to ditch thick layers and rock floral patterns. To kick off the new season, styling my brown coat as an ode to winter. I got the earth tone coat while thrifting at st. Albany church DC. Brown or earth tone colours when mixed with white, can create such a vibe.

Comment below if you enjoy this fashion trend and why?

White shirt: Ralph Lauren/ Love Chicos
Bag: Nordstrom
Shoe: Buffalo Exchange


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  1. I haven't been to Georgetown but I get to see it through your eyes and it's beautiful.


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