Spring this year will always remain memorable to me, and for obvious reasons which I have mentioned here. Life these past months have been fast-paced, and during these times, my blog suffered so did my ability to create content. However, we are nearing the end of spring, and I want to use this time to draw out a comeback strategy (smelling of roses).

  I am currently on sabbatical from school and work, that means I have free time on my hands to ease back into creating content for this page. Morealso, I have to evaluate my come back strategy and see what people appreciate most about the content I create, to inform me better on content choices.

   Also, I look forward to your comments and suggestions, while other contents (newsletter, brand reviews, fashion tips, books I'm reading, lifestyle, YouTube vlog) will be back in July.

I am always a fan of short, and this nude one from Gap goes well with my floral top.

Shoe: Shoe dazzle.
Shorts: Gap
Accessories: Daniel Wellington