27 August 2019


The streets our soldier-fathers trod
Blushed with their children's gore!
We saw the craven rulers prod,
And dip in blood the civic rod -
Shall such things be, oh righteous God,
In Baltimore?

 This past Sunday, I had the privilege to MC for my sister who had her gender reveal, held in Baltimore city. The journey was a far distance from home, hail stones and heavy rain accompanied us for an hour before we got to the city, and once we got there the journey was worth it.

I have never visited Baltimore, despite its proximity to DC, where I live. But I also didn't have a picture or vibe of what the city felt like until Sunday, and to my surprise the city was beautiful and serene.

The way individuals view art as story telling, inspirational and engaging, same way I view architecture.

Architecture, carries a lot of stories from cultures to wars fought and Baltimore is no different. Despite the gentrification of a few parts of the city, one can tell it is historic. There are steams coming out on the road side, structures dating close to 200 years, designs that reminded you America also gained independence just a few centuries ago.

 There exist a nostalgic feeling the city gives you, if you're a fan of vintage movies like "Victor Frankenstein. I promised myself I'll visit again and before I forget my sister is having a girl (the tears and excitement that followed the purple balloon pop was a joy).

No never! By that outrage black,
A solemn oath we swore,
To bring the Keystone's thousands back,
Strike down the dastards who attack,
And leave a red and fiery track
Through Baltimore!

P.s I got bubble tea in Baltimore City.


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