4 September 2019


wearing the Triangle Longline Strappy Bralet (buy here)

Black Rose Lace Bra  

 Y'all, I have been too stocked just looking at this apparel that the right words to describe my excitement, have eluded me. I have slim frame with a bra size of 32A, which means very rarely do I get lace bras or lingerie that fits perfectly and boost my confidence.Then Identity Lingerie happened to me and all of that has changed. Their product should be everyone's dream, because they are affordable with the right quality and handmade.
Also, before getting the product, the one thing that drew me to the brand, were the reviews. After I spent time going through all their products, there was no single bad review, and so I knew I was making the best decision. The black bra pictured above see here is my favorite item 

Indeed it was.

Truth is, I have stared at this package since it arrived, hanged it on my wooden rack just to stare at it. The femme feeling it gives is immeasurable and y'all can trust my review I don't lie. Heck I am here posing barely clad that's how much the brand means to me. Excitingly, they are on sale and you can purchase most of their products 30% - 50% off. Y'all can't say I didn't do anything good for you.

Dressing Gowns

Wearing the Sexy Black Satin & Lace Long Dressing Gown (buy here)
Also, for people who love the luxury of wearing dressing gowns, especially for weddings, or casual outings, the brand caters for you too. I can assure you of their swift delivery, customer service and packaging, which I will rate at the end of this post.

Also, I have picked three favorite products that I highly recommend y'all get and I assure you what you see is what you get.


 More Recommendation 

Buy Here
Buy Here 

Other products
White Lace Bras
White Lace Bralet

Rating the brand

Product: 10/10
Customer Service: 10/10
Delivery: 10/10
Packaging: 10/10


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