28 October 2019


Personally, wearing jeans comes with a charmed nostalgia because its a trend for all seasons; happy, sad, broke, rich, young and old. I would comment in my head, often, that jeans does not discriminate, and like the internet is to social construct, so is jeans to the fashion et class construct.

Hence, whenever I want to remind myself of an egalitarian world, I summon my jeans and spice it up with something unique. Lately, its been my mom's jeans to the rescue, ever since I rocked A similar one here with an ankara headpiece and long braids, I am yet to get over this style of jeans (I know y'all love to hate on them how-mom-jeans-that-disgrace-to-denim-made-their-triumphant-comeback).

In other news, who knew October will be the month of good fortunes? I knew fall won't do me dirty, after 'stanning' the season for years; I hit over a million blog views a few weeks back, moved to another apartment, and started a new job (story for another day).

To hitting 1 million views: when I started my blog in 2011, as an open diary (still is) documenting my teenage struggle, mostly about school and my mental health, I never anticipated this outcome. It was just a genuine, lazy passion of mine, in a field people were still skeptical of. Since then, my blog has evolved to documenting my lifestyle, academic and entrepreneurship dreams; also I am no longer a teenager. The blog has opened more doors than I foreshadowed, also allowed me to interact with people high and low, given me fake and genuine friendships and the opportunity to document my stories out loud.

These days, since the rise of Instagram and other more favored social media platforms, blogging engagement and participation has waned, but I am still grateful for my readers; although, few take the time to leave comments, y'all have been faithful.

Non of these accolades mentioned above, would have been possible, without you reading this post, YES YOU!!! who have shared, commented and lauded my efforts; I read your emails, comments, and I am grateful for you.

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I will be doing a post on "Details about my Hair" as usual
My Cole Haan sling back heels can be purchased here; also, I got a code for my headband, its Grace2019 and you can get a few percents off your purchase from GrandBloomStore


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