14 October 2019


The caption succinctly reflects my thoughts about my new space, and all the light that burst through my new favorite window, which provides a wide view of my town. If there is one thing, I have constantly had to do in America, it is move from one apartment to another. There are a few reasons as to why I've done this at least 5 times; convenience, pricing, house renovation, and proximity to important places. Although, not strictly an American thing, in Nigeria, where I grew up people barely moved houses, mostly for economic reasons.
It's worthy to note that until America happened, I have only had reason to move throughout my life three-times in my adult life, okay make that four and with family. Twice in Kaduna and majorly for the religious crisis. Then, I moved to Abuja and had to move again, within the same town, because of an upgrade.

 Although, moving is not the most serendipitous thing to do, it allows me to start over. Personally, my former space, although manageable, held a lot of unpleasant memories, I didn't want to relive it. Secondly, I needed a space with light, that could inspire my creative mojo; I got both, thankfully. 

 Let me quickly ask this question, how does moving make you feel?

 Moving on, I moved recently and shared a bit of decorating my space and the process through my instastories. Asides from the tediousness that comes with resettling in a new home, there are other decisions; like moving the home furniture or replacing them, redecorating your new living space to feel like home, and the list goes on, depending on your taste. All of these tasks cost money, and as someone finding my footing, resorting to cost-effective room designs, was my best bet. 

Thankfully, Amazon provides a great platform for that (y'all, I get why Jeff Bezos is a billionaire in dollars), or better, I resort to thrifting wall designs. 

I wanted a space with lots of earth tone brown because it gives chill forestry and modern feel. Also, the vibe comes out better for pictures. From the comments that followed my Instagram stories, it shows, my work wasn't so shabby.

Below are links to the products, I got off Amazon, while others, were a thrift buy a

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  1. I love your apartment, Grace! The vibe is so you.
    Refreshing to read your blog again. It's been a while. Congratulations on 1 million views!!

    1. Hello Desire,

      Thank you so much love, its always a pleasure having you come back to the blog and comment. I appreciate the love.


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