6 November 2019


First off happy new month! Stores in Washington, DC have wasted no time in putting up Christmas decorations heralding the festive season. Also, it is an important time to start considering gift items we would love to present to our loved one.

Earlier this year I wrote on FASHION TRENDS FOR 2019 to highlight fashion pieces, that most style enthusiast would favor. However, a hair accessory worn by one of the models in that post, was what caught me eyes; as other trends. Hair accessories have been staple choices for women in decades and is usually revisited and curated to fit modern taste.

 Cream Beige velvet braided headband

Thankfully, I found a Russian brand on Etsy named GrandBloomStore that makes unique, handcrafted head pieces, with each piece embroidered with high quality, unique and beautiful material; all with a velvet feel, that screams Christmas (love it). The pearl hair clip, which is one of a kind is carefully made in 5-hours to appeal to the unique taste of each customer and is my favorite detail of the piece.

Pearl wedding hair clip 

I share all these high praise detail of the product because our loved ones, need items that are made with love. I got four different pieces of headband and always get good compliments about it, one of which alludes to the idea, that I am French "oui"

Baby Blue Velvet headband 

Comment below which of these pieces is your favorite?

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