I grew up in a religious home, one that didn’t have the largess for an elaborate Christmas. For example, we had to wait to the night before Christmas, to get our dresses, which was either from a church donation or from my father working overtime. The rice and chicken, wasn't elaborately garnished, but the house seemed content despite our condition, because we were still privileged in comparison to the neighbors, over the fence.


However, there were neighbors, who were seemingly well to do, by the 21st of December, I could hear goats bleating, knowing that in a few hours it will be sent out to the rest of us, in a sizzling stew or pepper soup pot.

Another exciting thing, was watching my dad cook our favorite traditional soup, while my mom was tasked with making kunu, zobo and the chicken. I and my siblings would wander around the kitchen to help out with little things like grinding, pounding, washing plates and pots.
The  Christmas wish I always wanted was the ability to wear as many clothes as possible, but due to financial constraints, that was impossible. Since 2014, after I could afford to purchase as many holiday outfits as I please, I started the 4-outfits for Christmas lookbook on my blog, which inspired the annual Christmas lookbook.



Look 3 
Jumpsuit: H&M

Did I mention that the weather, is also my favorite thing; the slow, enchanting breeze, I believe bring messages from the Sahara. I usually play my favorite music, out loud and chuckle to horror movies or novels. Now y’all know a bit of why Christmas and the holiday season, is a bit nostalgic for me.


Cloak: Shein
Bamboo Bag: Buy here

This year’s outfit played right into Christmas color theme, (green, red, black, and white) which I couldn’t be more proud of. However, I hate the location and those ugly green shoes, someone who lives in DC can come pick them up, they're called fab shoes.

Comment below which of the looks is your favorite