26 March 2020


Writing this, it’s day eleven of me socially distancing. I am starring out the window of my high-rise apartment. The weather has been gloomy since the government enforced a stay at home order, to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The gloominess outside is like one we see in horror movies- the type of that spells doom. Quite honestly, none of us had a premonition of this sort of virus (except Bill Gates), and the drastic changes it would bring to our daily activities. Now we are forced to work from home, with the hope to maintain the same level productivity, while being stuck in an environment that doesn’t hold us accountable for it. 
The result of social distancing for some people, is the increasing ambient anxiety from a probable lack of productivity. However, there is a way to hack productivity, while distancing- it involves planning around your lifestyle and routine. Early this year, I discerned through the iPhone screen time software, that I was spending most of my adult life, on my mobile device, without any relevant outcome. The iPhone screen time splits hours according to time spent on social media, entertainment, reading and creativity. 
To improve my productivity and change my habits, I decided to shift my major creative responsibilities to my mobile device- also, adding a time limit to my social media use. I figured that by taking these measures, I would boost my productivity since most recent mobile devices can execute a large task, like video editing, podcast production, saving large text, and to an extent run code commands. So here are a few ways, I have learned to be productive by changing my habits, in addition to using my iPhone efficiently.
  • Get Enough Sleep: Sleep is a vital element to productivity. Poor sleep can morph into a myriad of emotional stress and can trigger the first push to unproductivity. According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), adults need about 7-8 hours of sleep to be productive.
  • De-clutter and Limit The Use of Social Media: The last few days on Twitter, has increased my urge to download and use TikTok, due to the influx of video dance challenges and humour. However, using platforms like TikTok to be productive, isn’t a priority for me- also, deleting social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, to reduce the oversaturation of information, that can raise anxiety, is important. 
  • Stay Disciplined with Time: Commonly, the most tasking part of the whole narrative plot, for me. I procrastinate more often than I should, but when I have kept to time by reducing the use of social media or messaging platforms, my productivity skyrockets. Using your time efficiently can also make you happier, some studies suggest.
  • Have a Work and Bed Desk: As someone who often finds my bed comforting, working on a stationary desk can prove to be a challenge- I found a ‘bed table‘ really comforting to have, with adjustments that fit my needs. Different individuals have work settings they can easily adapt to, find what works for you. 
  • Download Educative Apps: There several apps on Android, and iOS that provide educational materials, related to learning different languages, GRE testing, coding, etc. Most of these apps are free to download, which can help improve knowledge skills. 
  • Download Productive Apps: I recently downloaded an app called ‘notebook‘, which has transcribing, voice notes, draw, capture, attach and to-do list capacity. It is my current favourite app on the iOS platform, smoothly designed. 
  • Listen to Podcast/Webinars Related to Professional Growth: This is closely related to the point above, on downloading educative apps. There are several webinars and podcast, produced by relevant professional bodies, that address or instruct on developmental skills, such as data analysis, photography, cooking, teaching etc.
  • Schedule Time for Breaks: All work and no break, makes Grace an edgy girl- I believe this applies to everyone, who has sat in on their desk for long hours, without taking time to grab dinner, or walk around, find a convenient distraction in a book. I recently began reading Bell Hook’s “Communion The Female Search For Love,” and it is a well thought out book, with intimate, revealing, and provocative text.
  • Read Online articles on how to navigate remote work, which fits your lifestyle: The scenarios painted for telework or remote work in today’s post, isn’t ideal for married people with children, or people who live in spaces with a large family. Find ways to organize yourself, that fits into your current lifestyle. Here is a link from alliance virtual offices I found useful, containing infographics that is useful for everyone. 

By the time you’re reading this article, it should smell like spring outside. So I want to remind you that ‘Everything Good Will Come’ soon. 


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