27 May 2020


I put up an image of myself on Instagram, with a little touch-up from worldly apps like VSCO and Facetune, which leaves the photo almost flawless. Questions begin to trickle in about my skin and near flawless face.

 "Grace, what skin-care products do you use?"

Sometimes, I am obliged to forward them a product of my recent body cream, or body wash to reveal that I don't use products out of the ordinary.

skincare tips

However, these products or whatever products recommended to you are only as good as a proper routine established. So for those who are on a budget or looking to maintain healthy skin, these few tips would be helpful and achievable, and some you may have read about before;

Keep a clean pillowcase: I usually advise on having two-cotton pillowcases, and an additional silk one to know which of the two materials reacts better on your skin.

Most of your skin problems are environmental: A change in your environment can help improve good skin, especially if you need to change from a polluted on. Sadly, not everyone has access to resources to change their environment at whim.

Massage your skincare product to your face: I am used to hurriedly applying my facial product, without massaging it into my skin pores. Not taking my time usually leads to dry skin, that then leads to breakouts.

Use a different towel for your face and body: Other skin-care hacks I've read especially on twitter, where there's an opinion about everything, is the advice that individuals should use different wash for their face and skin. However, not everyone can afford the luxury of using different products for their skin and face; my take is to use a different shower towel for your face and body.

Don't Use Hard materials to scrub your face: I learned this technique from my mom, who would advise that I use softer materials on my face, to deal with acne or breakouts. Although I suck at heeding that advice, whenever I followed through my face cleared out without black spots, which is usually left behind by scars. 

Wash your face morning and night: Washing your face morning and night, gently, spending at least 3-4 minutes massaging out dirt, goes a long way to preventing breakouts. Also, apply a serum with soft cotton afterwards, to prevent dry skin.

Visit a skincare expert to advice on your skin: If you can afford it, visit a skincare expert that can provide remedies specific to your skin type. Not every YouTube recommendation is suitable for your skin, and there may be harsher reactions from using an unprescribed product. 

Eat Healthy and Drink a lot of water: Your skin is a reflection of your eating habits. For example, ever eaten nuts, to realize the next day, that your skin has broken out beyond recognition, yes I have. Little details such as observing good hygiene and nutrition go hand in hand, to improving your skin.

Get enough rest: Sometimes all you may need is a good 7-hours of uninterrupted sleep that allows your skin to relax and flourish.

Use a hydraulic acid body wash if its recommended for you: I use body wash liquids that contain hydraulic acid and its been decent so far, and would recommend only if you have the approval or are aware of your skin's reaction to such chemical.

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  1. I can't wait to get back into my skin care routine. Loved this post.

    1. Thanks for leaving your comment, I appreciate it.


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