10 May 2020


Hair products by cantu

I have been on my natural hair journey for a decade, read a bit about my experience here. My hair is shrubby and kinky- and despite the repetition in every conversation about my hair, I am constantly reminded of its nature, whenever I insert a comb to stretch out its locks. Since my move to America, I am reminded often, of the privilege I had back in Nigeria, which was afforded by the non-gentrification of hair salons, that tended to my hair at a whimsical price. 

Recently, due to a bandwagon effect, I became part of the large community of 'Cantu Hair' product users by purchasing their shampoo product, to see if it will tame the clusters that rise in defense whenever a comb tries to run through my hair. Until recently, my relationship with the brand has been advertorial, seeing the product on various YouTube sponsored and non-sponsored content. So I decided to give it a try; Considering that I am not a full-time product reviewer, I'll bracket my ratings on things that matter to me, here are my thoughts.
Packaging: I loved the color coordination of the product, a combination of the use of burnt orange and off-white worked perfectly well. The physical build of their shampoo product made it easy to handle. 

Product: The lather from the shampoo came off well and required little to no effort to foam up or create bubbles in my hair. However, since I'm big on aroma or scent, the little to no scent at all, was off-putting. 

Usefulness: I got the shampoo to try something new, and it worked. I love that my hair felt less dry using the product, or maybe this is me overthinking things. 

General Perception: It's a nice product, and I'll admit that my purchase was triggered by seeing a cult-like association with the product, and I needed the first-hand experience. Today's review is inspired by a suggestion, from an Instagram follower after I had put up the shampoo image on my page. 

Buy Here or Here

In a related story, I got a L'oreal conditioner, which I thought was a hair balm and now I'm conflicted on what to do with it.


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