14 May 2020


Blonde Curly hair

It’s been a minute since I did an outfit post. Today’s look is work-inspired. I repurposed a purple two-piece outfit, made by a Nigerian designer here.What's interesting is that I’ve owned this piece for 4-years with a waist size measurement of 24, and they still fit! permission to brag, guys.

  Social distancing has inspired me to look at ways I can re-purpose old outfits and give them a new spin. A two piece item, is usually a good start, where one part can be styled differently from the other. Asides from drawing inspiration from my wardrobe, the prevailing circumstance, which has restricted outdoor activity, has also inspired me to appreciate my little space.

 If you're interested on knowing more about my hair, please see my YouTube link at the end of this post. Also, what tricks have you guys acquired to managing your style during a pandemic?
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Purple Boots


Blazer: similar here
Shirt: similar here
Pants: here
Shoes: here

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