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As frequent readers may have realized, I have eased into blogging routinely. I mean I'm proud of publishing at least 3-blogpost in two-weeks- a feat that could only be possible circa 2017/18. Recently, I uploaded a YouTube video and Blog on my platforms on the same day, talk about energy. 

Blogging often was one of the positive impacts of isolating during the recent pandemic. I was able to get myself together and publish a few things. Honestly, most veteran bloggers had lost faith in blog readership, and their fears were and may still be valid. The rise of the Instagram influencer almost made blogging obsolete, but for a few people who stuck through. 

Since I got back to blogging, I have dug through my blogger reading list and found audiences interested in reading and commenting on blogs. Hence the decision to write this guide for old bloggers, who are seeking to make a comeback with tips that may be useful for beginners also. 

Get a Blogging Journal/Planner: I can't overemphasize this idea. Every blogger needs a journal or planner to help with accountability. Having a planner can help old bloggers ease into a routine, that is pre-planned or written down. For example, your planner should contain post schedules, props needed for a shoot, brand collaborations, and topics of interest. Writing out blogpost plans can make you feel on top of your game again.

Blogging Journal

Pivot or Remain in Your Niche: The blogging landscape has changed from the buttery space we once knew it to be. When I started blogging about a decade ago, the content didn't have to be perfect, and everyone went with the flow. However, recent technological advancement has increased competition and simplified methods for doing things. Hence, few people have the patience to consume voluminous content (a major blog feature), if it isn't worthwhile. The one way to retain interest writing for an audience who has specific needs, for example, focusing on skincare/beauty products, tech reviews, film or movie critic etc. 

 For others, pivoting to a different area of interest can be useful, considering that humans evolve and interest wane. A brand consultant, who is a friend, touched on this topic in an Instagram post. There is no shame in starting again and don't be afraid to try something new. For example, a blogger on my reading list has moved her niche from mostly fashion to skin-care products and routines. 

The blogging landscape has changed from the buttery space we once knew it to be. Click to tweet


Be Inspired by Old Ideas and Adopt New Ones: Scout prior blog post and update them with recent hacks, tools, or tricks. For example, this guide is an updated version of my 'a beginners guide to blogging.' Also, adopt new ideas, like having guest writers who can write on varied topics related to your niche, this can help maintain consistency if you're out of ideas. 

Update Your Equipment: I currently slack in this area, without an efficiently functioning computer, camera or lighting. This point is more specific to returning bloggers, and not beginners, who can get away with initial na·ive·té. As a returning blogger, your readers are hoping that your wealth of experience will inform the quality of content you put out. Don't fail them. Regardless, I believe having the right digital equipment can inspire anyone to create dope content. 

Learn Ways To Improve Visibility: Your content should carry the right word, phrases and standard to be visible enough. We derive encouragement from knowing that our work is read and appreciated. Having an understanding of basic SEO and HTML methods will be an added advantage, to put your work on the radar. Also, create a reading list of bloggers you love to read and engage with their content, remember to add your blog address. 

Give Update on Hiatus: Blogging is not a small feat, and it's easy to get burned out, from constant creating. This particular post which is a 4-minutes read took me about 4-hrs to draft. Rest is needed and keeping your readers updated if you're about to go on a hiatus, might increase your chances of meeting your beautiful community, when you return.

If you have other ideas or found this guide was helpful to you, leave a comment below. Also, a part of me is excited about blogging again.

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  1. I'm excited to see you writing more! I totally agree on learning more about SEO and keeping a journal. I find it helpful to keep a doc where I dump all my blog ideas and can visit that from time to time.

    1. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. Yes, I too find it useful to document my thoughts before posting them- It allows me more time to reflect on how my thoughts are coming across.

  2. whew, it's been a while since I've been on here or even my blog. Thanks for sharing my blog link Grace. Lately, I've considered getting back to blogging. There's just something about putting down my thoughts in a post but honestly trying to create on other platforms as well has been quite exhausting. It'll really be interesting to see where the blog world is at a few years from now.

    1. I can only imagine how tedious it is for you, I enjoy your YouTube Videos. That said, I'm hoping that people still find blogs interesting to read, a few years from now. I love that I can preserve memories here, and come back to them when I can.

  3. I used to literally sit down and all your posts about two years ago. I am a new blogger and this post is super helpful to me too. Thank you very much.


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