Black women in silk

Here are five wardrobe staples that can make you look rich, without raking the bank. As a huge thrifter, I never want to come out looking miserly, and I've adopted these strategies when shopping for fashion items.

Silk Scarves and Shirts: Silk is such an intriguing material to have, but is visible and alluring when adorned as shirt or scarf. I have a countless number of silk scarves and a little number of silk shirts, but they're my go-to outfit choice for dinners, dates, and expensive brunch.
Linen: I'm making my stance on this quite apparent, by withholding any caveat on what form of linen you should own. Linen in whatever style, or choice of clothing, for example, pants or shirts are always a great addition to your wardrobe. They look comfortable, breezy and sophisticated when worn to a picnic, or casual day out.
Pearl Earrings: Pearl earrings are elitist, without me mentioning. They make a woman appear in her prime, without her trying. I have a bunch of pearl earring I collect, because of the size and lightweight nature on my ear. They can also be re-sold for a fortune if you purchase real ones. 
A Black Leather Bag:  Writing this made me already excited. A beautiful black leather bag, especially one that isn't bogus but can accommodate a book, purse, and your sunglasses case is a perfect size to own. A black leather bag can make any woman feel powerful and invincible. 
A Wool Turtleneck Sweater: I think about having visitors over for English breakfast moment, in the dead of winter and throwing over a turtle neck sweater and blue jeans. Having a wool sweater is the epitome of comfort and intentional style.
These statements are personalized opinions but are formed based on experiences with my work in the fashion industry. What additional staple would you add to this shortlist?


  1. Love the list. If I had to addz NY obvious choice would be neutrals ♥


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