7 June 2020


"Everyone wants the man who is still searching to have reached his conclusions."
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Someone had commented on a previous blog post, asking me to write on my journey to self-discovery. Although the request is four-months-old, I believe its never too late to attempt an answer to that question.  
But first, what is self-discovery? The Cambridge dictionary defines it as "the process of learning about yourself and beliefs." I can decide to stop here, as the definition is all-encompassing, but the reader's idea for the question posed was to get an insight into my journey.

"Self-discovery is not a one-off experience, where you self-discover once and don't see the need to go through the process again"(click to tweet).  In my journey of self-discovery, I've gradually gone through a repeated process, as I re-evaluate my existence. However, I would like to point out that as a Christian there was an initial step to self-discovery, which began with my faith journey, before morphing into other areas like career choices, love and life.

Part of the synonyms and related words I found when searching on self-discovery, for this blog post, was; attuned, commune, communicate, emotional intelligence, identify with something, identity, and theory of mind, amongst others. These active verbs summarize some of the processes I had to go through in my journey.  


However, I did not come into the understanding of self-discovery by chance. Most of us grow up with juvenile delinquent tendencies, picking up bad habits and forming our sense of self, based on public opinion, what we see on the media and peer pressure. As I got into my twenties, there was a sudden realization that I needed to usurp juvenile habits and make necessary changes to become the woman that I am today- in doing so I found my 'sense of place.' 

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Here are a few linked articles to help you navigate your self-discovery process. I also made a video on it, and I hope these materials are helpful. 

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