14 July 2020


Being bored is no longer an unusual term, considering the uncertain times we are in, which we confront with melancholic passion. However, as time goes on failure to address, the possibility of us falling into depression is imminent. Here are a few ideas to keep you going when you have nothing to do. 

1) Read a Book: This is one of the most beautiful ways to become mindful, exploring a new world outside your physical boundaries. For example, if you have access to the iBook feature, there are free copies of old books available to read. You can also sign up for my monthly newsletter, where I attach monthly reads. 

2) Get Creative: It's a difficult time to get creative for most people. I recently had downtime and was able to bounce back by re-organizing my space. Others may find joy in other things like painting, making music, writing e.t.c. 

3) Watch Documentaries: Not only do they come in entertainment format, but Documentaries are educative, and provide broader answers and context to important issues, ranging from war, gender, politics, and race. I recently finished a documentary on Amazon, called "Not your Negro,' by James Baldwin, which mirrors the unfortunate assassination of three of his friends, during the civil rights movement era. I totally recommend.

4) Take a Walk: Clarity usually happens for me when I'm taking a long walk. Also, the clear breeze, bird whistle and watching the motion of people going about their daily lives, can inspire new things (a white space).

5) Check-in on a Friend: Call a friend or acquaintance to understand how they're faring. It's a tough time for everyone, and you may be in the right place to cheer someone up, sort out their immediate needs or pray for them. I've caught up a lot and checked-in with people recently, and it is a liberating feeling.

What have you been up to? Stay safe, and don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter, and follow me on my social media platforms.

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