5 July 2020


Summer happens to be one of my favorite seasons, not only because the sun sets by 8:00 PM, but the unveiling of fashionable trends their etch themselves to my memory. Today's blogpost is guest written by Suzy Walsh, she takes us through her favorite fashion picks for the season, which includes some reinvented pieces.


Every season, there are at least a few fashion trends from the plethora of designs we see on the runway, that are worth the keeps. Spring-summer 2020 has a long list of runway trends, and we promise, some of these are most likely to repeated fashion or would recycle back in seasons to come.

To help your decisions on what items you can be on the lookout for, this summer, here’s a handy referral list.

1. Strappy sandals

strappy sandals

If you are a fan of casual street style, this is one trend that you can wear in all seasons, especially on days when you don’t want to look too dressy. Strappy sandals are not just stylish, but extremely comfortable too. You will find these sandals to be incredibly easy to team with your denim pieces, skirts, or even a lazy pair of Bermuda pants.

2. Sheer it up
Sheer Top
The use of sheer is anything but innovative, but it works big time for the summer. Showing off your bikini or a cool bra doesn’t get better and more stunning than in a sheer piece, and you can work around in contrasting mix of colours and patterns. House of Holland, for instance, brilliantly used the idea. You can view more here; (remember to link)] to find similar styles.

3. Show the bra

Don’t be shy to show off that leopard print bra, or something like a sports bra. Bra accentuation can come in many forms, and women are not bothered by the fuss or judgement anymore. You can find more of this style at collections of top names like JW Anderson and Christopher Kane.

4. Love the disco collar

Disco Collar

The passion for vintage and 80s fashion refused to go away, and some of the top names, such as Salvatore Ferragamo and Lanvin, have re-created what is called the Disco Collar. Oversized, colourful, often, in contrast, these collars are meant to stand out, and you can spot the style on a variety of outfits, jackets and shirts included.

5. Crochet is back
As mentioned earlier, summer often feels like a revival of trends, and this time, it is the crochet trend that has made a comeback onto the runways in so many forms. In the collection are top designers and brands, including Jil Sander, Marni and Fendi. Also, if you want to try the see-through style in a more subtle, yet effective way, we promise this trend should fit the bill.

6. Hot and hotter pants
Think of shorts – just shorter! Herm├Ęs, Chanel and Isabel Marant were some of the brands that used hot pants in so many forms and styles. Not your regular pair of shorts, these are meant to impress, create a more flattering silhouette, which you can team them with your tees, a sling bag or a loose tee.

Hope you found the right spring 2020 trends worth buying this season. Check online stores and start shopping now!

[Images Credit: harpersbazaar.com/fashion & vogue.com]

Authors Bio:

Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and style expert for the House of Elegance Fashion. With a keen eye on detail, she has worked with top blogs, online magazines and websites as a guest author on glamour, trends, and more.


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