19 August 2020


Dear readers, it's been a long time I featured a beauty write-up on this blog. If you're a new reader, beauty is also part of my central theme, and you can catch-up on some old post here, here, and here. 

Recently, I found a new makeup hack to improve the sheen on my eye-shadow application, and documented it here. The eye-shadow palette used was gotten from a previous collaboration with a brand called Karity. Karity is a sustainable brand, using cruelty free materials for their products, and donating one free meal to ACLU, through their beyond pallet for paws program. 

Today's post isn't to write about Karity but must have shades when selecting an eye-shadow palette; Karity happens to be the brand I use and endorse. Selecting eye-shadow palettes can be tricky especially for beginners but you can start from deciding what are your favorite must haves.


I usually stick to neutrals when selecting eye-shadow tones, for example, I look out for 'deep browns,' 'black' and 'bronze'; people barely go wrong with these shades. Thankfully "the creation of beauty is art," recently wrote a blog post on how to select an eye-shadow palette. She mentions, 'thinking about size,' 'palette variety,' 'reading reviews.'

But selecting an eye-shadow shade is also confined to people's personality and what they aim to achieve with each look. I do think however that one cannot go wrong with the neutral tones that I've mentioned. In using too much black you can only appear to be gothic, but that's about it. However, buying a palette with washed green or ash as a beginner is a slippery slope. 

Another idea, is to purchase different eye-shadow palettes with key colors that fit the event you're dressing up for. I have 3 eye-shadow palettes from Karity, and each serves a purpose. 

What are your favorite shades that are essential to you when purchasing an eye-shadow palette?

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