7 October 2020




Hello Everyone, welcome to autumn/fall 2020. Today's blog post, I will be recommending 5-affordable jackets to scoop this fall. It’s puzzling but not surprising that several seasons have come and gone this year without us participating glaringly in any outdoor ritual. I barely experienced spring, I didn’t travel for summer and Fall is already here. 

I’ve decided that these last months in the year would be dedicated to sharing more fashion related posts on the blog. A few years ago, it was my usual custom to share bits and pieces of recommendations for each season. I am bringing those few niche topics back so that veteran readers of

this blog can enjoy premium content. 


Fall jackets- for people who live in wintry areas, are the most hoarded wardrobe pieces due to their cost and relevance as essential material   during fall. For people like me who love to explore fashion, we usually add a new jacket each fall, it’s the one gift we owe ourselves. Here are a few recommendations which I’ve carefully selected not only for its affordability, but also style, cut and design.


Known for their knock-off prices and dupes, Shein has a few recommended jackets that spells class and sophistication. Depending on your country, longer jackets are usually more obtainable and recommended during fall. I chose 3-pieces from their collection to highlight. Each piece with a different pattern, texture and cut.

1. $30 Bear Textured Jacket: The bear textured long jacket is not an unusual pattern. However, similar pattern and cut is hard to purchase from high-end brands. Shein provides that balance of quality and affordability with this jacket. 

Fall Jacket

2. $40 Plaid Jacket: Checkered patterns always adds grandeur and sophistication to any piece. To move away from the normalized boring plain looks, you can add this ankle-length, button-less plaid jacket and spice up your winter collection. It is also a recommended pattern for individuals who don’t explore fashion outside their comfort zones.


3. Leather Jacket: Leather clothing pieces are known for their sophistication. A leather jacket is a great investment, for its style and functionality. It’s often a tricky choice when deciding on ‘if’ to purchase a leather jacket. I have recommended a Shein oversized buttoned down jacket that can be styled in different ways. I found an interesting article, although for men, that writes extensively on leather trench coats for men, which can be a helpful guide.


4. $29.99 Simple Work Jacket: So as to prevent bias in my recommendations, I have added the simple work jackets. For those who are in corporate work environments, which prevents them from appearing to garish, this H&M jacket is a good fit. It has the right amount of cut and accessories to appear boring, but also minimal enough to be used in a workplace. 

5. $34.99 Sporty Jacket: There aren’t so many recommendations in the sporty look department, for jackets. But this Athleta pink zipper with irregular hem and cut, is a great addition to your fall wardrobe. 


I hope you loved these recommendations, and let me know in the comment section what other fashion-related topics you would want me to cover, and if this post was helpful.


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