25 December 2020


 The holiday season is here and its worrisome most of us won't get to spend it with family due to Covid-19. The memories we keep with us for the rest of the year, happen as we share experiences with family and loved ones. Mostly gifts during the holiday season are sentimental and joyous if they happen to strike off an item on your wishlist. 

Last Christmas, I created a wishlist for 2020 which included a MacBook and got gifted one at the beginning of fall. I want to curate another wishlist for the coming year with hope that I strike off some important ones in 2021. 

Below are a few items on my wishlist this year:

Bianca knotted suede mules SAINT LAURENT

Puzzle small color-block leather shoulder bag Loewe

Lunder leather ankle boots Isabel Marant

Twisted Loops Isabel Lennse 

Fombra patent-leather sandals by Manolo Blahnik 

A MacBook Pro Desktop.
Livie floral-print silk dress Reformation



  1. I also made a wish list, but not be able to find all the items, well I received a package from my friend filled with some awesome Leather Jacket

  2. I also made my wish list for this Christmas, but I only found the Leather Jacket from TLC (www.theleathercraft.com)


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