31 December 2020



Dear reader, good news if you are reading this, you have made it into the New Year, after the gruelling circumstances of 2020. A round of applause, for your tenacity to see this year through. 

One of my consistent joys in the last decade has been writing on this blog and sharing my high and low moments with you. I do not take your readership for granted, and I look forward to sharing much of my journey in the coming year.

I broke down my year into these subsets; love, career, faith, blog and books, and tried to capture as much as possible. However, you can read up an in-depth review of my year on my Medium blog. Happy New Year and 2021 would be better. 

On Love

Not surprising, my love life remained unchanged in 2020. It is comforting that I do not feel pressured into settling down, and despite the signals from my parents I have decided to do things on my terms- I am picky when choosing a partner, and there is nothing wrong with that.

On Career

Like every other thing I encountered this year, my career started on a rocky path this year, and it lasted for 8-months, but in-between, I picked new career interest in public health, worked with amazing people from diverse background and wrote a lot.

Late in December, I took up a new position which I shared on my Newsletter, you should sign up- I share a lot of personal details there.

This lesson I quote from last year remains true. Learn to "put yourself in difficult spaces that designed to spur you to greatness, and this does not apply to toxic spaces, please."


On Faith

There is a lot to unwind on this subject alone. But after the Lekki Massacre, my angst with religion became heightened and led me to disassociate myself from any religious label. I did not appreciate how detailed my review last year was, but if you are still a Christian, there are a few lessons that might provide insight for you in the New Year. 

On Family and Friendships

Friendships remain sacred! I have repeated this phrase often in my writings that I kind of sound like a clanging cymbal. But I have found solace in genuine friendships built on trust, kindness and loyalty.

On family: There is no gain when the family feuds and its important differences are hatched, and everyone lives in peace.


I worked hard to publish content on the blog once a month. I also grew my newsletter list to over 2,700 people. That is progress. I did not do much to create this year, my current space is inhibiting, and I hope to do better in the coming year (promises).


I read a lot this year. There is a type of refuge I find in books that I cannot express with words. I reviewed a couple of books I read this year, herehere and here.

If you’re reading this, Happy New Year and cheers to 2021-a year of sharing written and captured stories with you.


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